About Me

Wild, untamed nature. Rona combines drawing and painting to create her nature inspired artwork, which features gestural brushstrokes, tiny details and bold colours. She is particularly fond of crows and loves symbols.

Rona grew up hill climbing in the Cairngorms with a nature loving family who would spend hours observing and studying the flora and fauna.

Whether using acrylic paint, mixed media, charcoal drawing or digital tools there are certain characteristics that typify her style. Bold colours combined with black and almost no white, abstract gestural brush strokes, detailed mark making and multiple layers which are built up then corroded.

Spills and stains creep across the surfaces, suggesting a world where things can’t be fully controlled and will find their own path.

Rona has artwork in six continents and one of her dramatic paintings hangs in the Scottish Parliament.



After graduating from Goldsmiths College with a BA Hons in Fine Art and gaining a Masters Degree in Computers in Design at Middlesex University, Rona worked in London and Brighton as a commercial artist and a Hollywood feature film Special Effects artist. Her work appeared in international museums and as stage projections in venues including the Royal Albert Hall, The Southbank Centre and the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury. She has also created artwork for a number of bands including the Who, Ginger Wildheart, Julian Cope, Roky Erickson and the Lighting Seeds.

Rona is based at Wasps Artists Studios in Edinburgh.