About Me


Rona grew up hill climbing in the Cairngorms with a nature loving family who observed wildlife and examined plants and insects. Her work is inspired by the flora and fauna from wild places in Scotland as well as endangered species from around the world.

After completing a degree in Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, Rona gained a Masters Degree in Computers in Design from Middlesex University. 

Rona has artwork in six continents and one of her dramatic paintings hangs in the Scottish Parliament.

Rona is based at Wasps Studios in Leith.


Wild, untamed nature. Rona Innes's formative years in the Caledonian pine forests of the Cairngorms and more recent rainforest expeditions are at the heart of her work.

Her paintings capture the mischievous spirit animals inhabiting these landscapes as they pause to catch the viewer out. Intricate drawings collide with semi-chaotic actions as fluids and powders are layered up with detailed pen and brush work, echoing the environment that these creatures live within.

Rona has been fascinated by nature, folklore and animal mythology for many years and remains entranced. She is particularly fond of corvids.

Rona mostly paints on wood panels and incorporates the natural wood grain into her work. She works from her studio in the old Dunbar Lemonade Factory in Leith.


After graduating from Goldsmiths College with a BA Hons in Fine Art and gaining a Masters Degree in Computers in Design at Middlesex University, Rona worked in Soho as a Special Effects Artist on Hollywood feature films. 

After this, Rona freelanced as a commercial artist mostly working for humanitarian aid charities and on environmental campaigns, two areas she is passionate about. Her clients included Greenpeace, WaterAid, Oxfam, Amnesty International, Rainbow Trust and Teenage Cancer Trust. Her work appeared in international museums and as stage projections in venues including the Royal Albert Hall, The Southbank Centre and the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury. 

Rona also created artwork for bands including The Who, Roky Erickson, Julian Cope, Ginger Wildheart, The Lightning Seeds and Freefarm and had work in window displays and interiors of leading high street retailers including Selfridges and DicksonCyberExpress in Hong Kong.

After moving back to Scotland, Rona moved away from commercial projects to focus on painting by building up a network of galleries and stockists to sell her work. Along with original one-off pieces Rona illustrates a diffusion line of merchandise which helps support her practice.

She loves meeting customers and can still be found manning her own market stalls at events including the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and taking part in Open Studio events.